Brain Injury Survivor? Or Caregiver?

We know what you're going through...


You may be feeling uncertain about income loss and unknown expenses - or how to replace your income. (Ie. Past references and experiences, current environment, lack of real support/mentors/guides.) No one knows exactly what you are going through but many of us have gone through something very similar.  Rest easy... you're not alone!

We know the financial struggles the survivors and caregivers face after a Traumatic or Acquired Brain injury occurs. TABI Oasis helps people affected by Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injuries with financial, nutritional, and recreational support beginning at the onset and continuing throughout the lifetime of those in need. 

Our Approach

We listen first and continue by discussing a plans for you to not only survive but to thrive through your injury.  ie. Coach, Mentor, Guide, and hold the space for you to experience the beauty and power of discovering their own gifts and greatness. 

Thank you for visiting our website today.  We hope it is useful for you to gather information, share your stories, and learn from others.  Your participation will also help us in our mission to fill the financial, nutritional and recreational needs for persons affected with Traumatic and Acquired injuries.

We are always looking for you to be as involved as you want to be whether it be a guest blog post written or shared by you, suggestions on how to improve this site and when possible, a financial contribution to our mission.  

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Our Mission

Our mission is to find ways to help with the financial burden placed on families in three basic time frames.

01 - Immediate Needs

Provide immediate funds to cover meals, housing, transportation and other needs within the first 24 to 48 hours.

02 - Extended Support

We'll provide funds to cover financial needs for things like health care premiums, mortgage/rent payments, car payments, childcare expenses, transportation, caring for pets and or livestock during the next few months.

03 - Continuation

We'll help you find long term solutions for loss of income of the breadwinner and or the caregiver. And find suitable employment opportunities, home care staffing, mentoring and occupational therapy help.

Other Types of Support Offered

Nutritional support to find ways to support the survivors, caregivers and families with an eye to rebuild the gut biome and reduce the dependence on medication – all with the support and advice of qualified medical staff.
Recreational support
to find ways for the caregivers to get some respite time and also find recreational opportunities for the whole family.

Our Story

How did we get here?

Michael Puffer, the President and Founder of the TABI Oasis developed the concept from his personal experience through his own Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and most importantly a severe TBI suffered by his loving wife Maria.  His mission is to help and assist others who have experienced a similar trauma.

October 23, 2014 was a cold and foggy morning.  Maria was riding in a car with her good friend as they were heading to the airport in Minneapolis for the friend to fly home for a long overdue vacation.  Maria was going to drive her car back home to keep until her friend came back. 

They never made it to the airport as her friend missed a stop sign and drove into oncoming traffic and was T-boned by a pickup truck traveling at highway speed. 

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The friend did not survive the accident and Maria suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, side to side whiplash injury, and was hanging on by a thread as she was intubated at the scene.  Initial Glasgow COMA evaluation was a 3. 

It took a couple of hours to get the family together at the trauma center and the next few days were just days of waiting, thinking and praying.

Will she survive? What will her life be like? 

Will she be fully or partially paralyzed? How will her children take this news and how will they cope? When can she come home? How do we prepare the house? There were no answers! 

Help from strangers and friends was very welcome as some brought easy to prepare meals lasagna, casseroles, etc., Visa Gift cards for gas, meals and lodging were donated and a local church donated money to help with unexpected expenses.

On or about the fifth day Maria was in the ICU and there was a special, poignant moment for Michael that was the spark for what has born the TABI Oasis.  Although he was a small business owner and could take a lot of time off, there came a time where he had to get up off his knees while praying at Maria’s bedside and he had to tell her he had to leave to go to work. 

It was heartbreaking and it was at that point he vowed that he would NEVER have to leave the bedside of a loved one for the sake of money. And he vowed that this should not happen to anyone else either.

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